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How to have beautiful, healthy pastures

Step 1: Mow, Spray and don't use weedy hay

This is what the poor place looked like in 2007. Look at the grass trying to survive under all those weeds and brush! Many weeds will die back with regular mowing, plus keeping them cut back allows the bermuda to grow and eventually choke them out. Unfortunately, nearly all woody weeds have to be sprayed. However, if you don't bring in weedy hay for the winter, you can spray less and less each year.

Step 2: Don't OVERGRAZE!

We see SO MANY places with too many animals. Too many hooves compact the soil and the grass is eaten to the ground. If there's not enough leaf surface it can't make food for itself and grow. It'll wither in dry weather and die in the winter because it doesn't have enough cover. Grass, including that in your yard needs a minimum of 3" in height. This is a place just not too far from us. There are too many animals on this pasture.

Step 3: Good Dirt - Prevent Erosion

This factor is not something you can do too much about if you don't have it but good, loamy, well-drained soil is very important. Most people think "red clay" when they think of Oklahoma. Not here. One reason we bought this land was because of the deep, wonderful top soil. When putting in the driveway Wayne had to dig out 4' of it and replace it with red clay! You can't buy this stuff but you can take care of it.

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