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  • Naturally fed Angus/Simmental cattle....

  • No Hormone Inserts

  • No antibiotics

  • High protein, weed free grass

  • Molasses tubs, no urea

Painted Gait Farm

If you're interested in a farm-stay in our wonderful 2 bed-2 bath, separate apartment, go to Airbnb for photos and particulars.

We won't just show you the finished products while telling you how our cattle are raised, we'll show you the cattle and our pastures! Otherwise we could be feeding you a line of bull! When I was a girl growing up in Oklahoma my Dad would order a half-beef from a rancher-friend and those were the best steaks I'd ever eaten until I raised my own. No store product has ever compared. Like many health-conscious people today, we have cut down our beef consumption but when we do eat a steak, we want a WONDERFUL steak! Therefore after 30 years in Georgia raising horses, we've worked hard to establish an Oklahoma farm to raise healthy, grass-fed cattle. After careful study we selected the Angus/Simmental (for sufficient milk) cross.

At Painted Gait Farm we raise stress-free, healthy calves. We do NOT use hormone implants and we do not routinely use antibiotics! Nor have we needed to. We have never had to "pull" a calf. They remain with their healthy, well-fed mothers then they are weaned humanly by use of Quiet Wean flaps . This means the mothers don't suffer with painful udders and the calves aren't traumatized by sudden separation. We also vaccinate our calves, including boosters 3 weeks later. That means you can buy one of our calves and finish raising it with full confidence that it is healthy and should remain healthy, dependent on your own management practices.

If you buy one of our heifers to raise as a replacement cow, you can be confident that they do not come with a genetic predisposition to calving issues. As long as you breed our heifer with a bull of low birth weight genetics, you should hever have to "pull" a calf.

Our beef has

  • No hormones!
  • No antibiotics!
  • No pesticides!
  • Less fat!
  • Fewer calories!
  • More Omega-3s

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